What Will Kennedy Do?

The Chicago Tribune agrees with my prediction on Prop. 8. Though, theirs is more of an endorsement of the idea. Mine is more of a prediction. As a libertarian, I’d like government to get out of the business of saying who is “married.”

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2 Responses to What Will Kennedy Do?

  1. craig says:

    Now that I’ve looked at Brown vs Bd of Ed and noticed that Frankfurter and the predominantly Democrat appointees of the Warren court knew they needed a unanimous decision, I wonder if there is any reluctance on the court to do much if they only get a 5-4 decision or if they’d be able to get more consensus on a more sweeping decision one way or the other. Maybe since Brown set the precedent, and Roe followed with an 8-2, a 5-4 to overthrow traditional marriage would be alright.

  2. Pinky says:

    As long as “marriage” has legal benefits, government must have a say in it.
    But, what is that say?

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