In Which We Merge with the League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Jon Rowe, D.A. Ridgely, and I have accepted an invitation to merge with The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. I suppose that means we’ll all be part of The One Best League of Ordinary Gentlemen, but for simplicity, we’ll just keep their name. Fortunately, our combined shares of the blog market are small enough that the Department of Justice has not opposed our merger.

I’m not sure when we’ll have the last post here at TOBW. I think we’re to be introduced one-by-one at the League, so there may be some residual posting here. We will keep this site up, though, for an archive of our posts here.

I hope that our favorite commenters will join us there. They have some other fine minds and good writers there, not necessarily ordinary at all, that I think you will enjoy.


About J@m3z Aitch

J@m3z Aitch is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.
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14 Responses to In Which We Merge with the League of Ordinary Gentlemen

  1. lukas says:

    Sellouts, the lot of yiz.

  2. the innominate one says:

    Best wishes. I saw the post where Jim Babka had to bow out as a consequence of time constraints, but what has become of Jason Kuznicki? Also too busy?

  3. lukas says:

    Jason has been writing at The League for a while now.

  4. Matty says:

    As I remember Jason put on the bowler hat even before Positive Liberty had stopped kicking. He also pretty much said at the time that he was already doing all the blogging he had time for, he mentioned four or five places he was also blogging in that post so it seems reasonable.

  5. James Hanley says:

    Jason received an invitation from the League about the time we began experiencing such bad technical problems at Positive Liberty. In addition to being busy with other writing, particularly for his day job with Cato, he was exhausted from trying to keep PL alive on the technical front. There was also a problem at one point with someone snatching the domain, I believe. All in all, he was ready to quit being the one responsible for solving the problems, so he was happy to accept the League’s offer.

    I have somewhat mixed feelings about our merger with them. We’ve slowly begun to rebuild here, what we had before. But I think we were going to need to add some talent, and none of us really wanted to take on the responsibility role that Jason had left, so there’s something of a leadership vacuum here.

    I really do hope we don’t lose our readers, but it seems like a move we need to make, for our own sakes.

    And thanks to all who supported us both here at at PL before this. You’re great folks, whose conversation with us make blogging worthwhile.

  6. the innominate one says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Mr. Hanley. Perhaps instead of “The One Best League of Ordinary Gentlemen”, it could be “The League of Ordinary Gentlemen for Positive Liberty”.

    or not.

  7. James K says:

    Or The Best League of Positively Libertine Gentlemen?

    James, I followed you to your blog from Dispatches, and then followed you to Positive Liberty and then here, so I guess I’ll just keep following, you’ve given me no reason not to.

  8. James Hanley says:

    Given the trepidation I always feel when you comment on my comments on economics, I take that as high praise.

  9. D. C. Sessions says:

    Redirects? Archiving?

  10. Chris says:

    I have to admit, I’m kinda sad to see the small community of authors and commenters break up, but I’m glad that the authors will have a wider audience. Good luck to ya.

  11. Heidegger says:

    James says, “I hope that our favorite commenters will join us there.”

    Does your invitation extend to your least favorite commenters?

    Damn, I’m going to really miss this joint–You, Chris, DAR, Jon, ppnl, Matty, TvD, Mark, JamesK, Jim51, Michael Heath. I’ve learned much–thank you all, (such patience!) I’m very grateful.

  12. James Hanley says:


    We’ll keep this site up (it doesn’t cost us anything, after all) as an archive for these posts. And I’ll keep a top-level post with a link to the League, to serve as a redirect.

  13. James Hanley says:


    You’re free to go wherever you wish.

  14. AMW says:

    This is in part a welcome development for me. I came to PL for Sandefur, but stuck around for Kuznicki. By the time he left, there were some additional faces that made PL worth sticking around for. I always felt a little bad that I never followed Kuznicki to the League, but I just couldn’t add another blog to my reading list.

    I’ll see you guys there.

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