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The Continuing Story of It’s Not Torture if We Do It

Here’s a devastating paper by students at Harvard showing that in U.S. newspapers, waterboarding was always described as torture — until our own government began doing it. Then… well, who knows. It’s an open question. Difficult to say, really. Keep … Continue reading

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The Black Swan Is not a Black Swan

I like to buy a book at the airport before a flight. The random element of what I might find in the airport bookstore amuses me. My most recent airport purchase was Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of … Continue reading

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Sisyphus Objects

The promulgation of economic fallacies never ends. From Kai Ryssdal, host of public radio’s Marketplace: Productivity is at an all time high. That means workers are working harder. In other words, Sisyphus is the most productive worker of all time. … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, Laws of Nature and Revelation

James Wilson wrote a great deal of what he thought about law, life, religion and philosophy in his public Works. Yet, perhaps because they were public lectures, he leaves some hard questions unanswered (he doesn’t address orthodox religious doctrine at … Continue reading

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Peter Lillback Interview Post-Glenn Beck

Dr. Lillback is interviewed by Stacy Harp, a fellow conservative evangelical who interviewed him four years ago after the book first came out. One purpose of the interview is to answer criticisms. I’ve listened to the show; I’m not going … Continue reading

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John Adams’ Partially Inspired Bible

From his letter to Jefferson Nov. 15, 1813. This is a very interesting letter. In the beginning Adams doubts we have the right version of the Ten Commandments. He states the Bible contains “error or amendment.” Then he praises Jefferson’s … Continue reading

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Answering Harry Jaffa on Homosexuality

Since this blog will, as time goes on, feature “the best of” Positive Liberty, I thought I’d reproduce an essay that first appeared while I was guest blogging at Timothy Sandefur’s Freespace. But first I am going to reproduce a … Continue reading

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No, Mr. Beck, Jefferson Did Not Date His Documents “In the Year of Our Lord Christ”

By Chris Rodda. Check it out.

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Christianity’s Transformational Limits

Apparently Christianity can turn gay men straight (that is, not just give you the power to stop having relations with members of the same sex, but also of the desires). But what it cannot do is remove the desires of … Continue reading

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Obama A Muslim?

Maybe John Adams was Muslim too. At WorldNetDaily, Pieder Beeli, in an article entitled Obama’s faith: Christianity or Islam? writes: Central tenet of the faith When speaking of the origins of Islam, why does Obama use the word “revealed”? In … Continue reading

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