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James Hanley is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Adrian College. His views are his own and do not reflect, nor are endorsed by, Adrian College.


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  1. Heidegger says:

    Greetings, James Hanley!

    Glad to see you got another site up and running. Just posted a reply–didn’t come up in the, “Recent Comments” page, so not sure if I’m banned or it’s just a matter of checking out new posters—obviously, “new” insofar as posting to the new site.

    My sincere best wishes for your new “One Best Way” website.

    Sincerely, Heidegger

  2. Heidegger says:

    James, love your new website—great job!

    If you could do a huge favor and let me know whether or not I have been banned, I’d be extremely grateful. All my posts disappear so not sure if it’s a computer issue on my part or the more obvious explanation,that I have in fact been banned (bummer).

    Thanks, much appreciated.

    All the best, Heidegger

  3. Michael Heath says:

    I thought you might like to blog about this, I’d certainly enjoy your perspective on it.


  4. Heidegger says:

    Mr. Heath, this is devastatingly hilarious! And I might ask, is there any connection between real science and politics? Such odd bedfellows when you think about it. Have read the polisci cognoscenti is, 10-1 liberal/left and that’s being generous. The Pol Pot “reeducation” camps probably had a more conservative leaning faculty in the social sciences than US universities. This hits home–my older brother is a polisci Ph.D graduate of Johns Hopkins and he is as mad as a hatter (thinks mass human butcher Che was a freedom fighter)–I’ve even tried to hire Hare Krishna type deprogrammers to get his mind “right” but to no avail. Must be that damn liberal gene, DRD4, they’ve just discovered. I think I have just joined the pro-choice side….

  5. Anna says:

    Michael – These videos are coming out regularly – They have them for law school, the humanities, a teacher etc. They are pretty funny on a one-sided level in a subject you don’t care for, value or understand. What they pretty much say in the end is – Don’t get a higher education in X and any desire to do so is naive. Intellectuals are merely bitter and arrogant. Yes, there is some truth to them. That is what makes them funny, but the description of the subject matter is so one-dimensional and conservatives who like to attack the educated won’t get it. Heidigger’s reaction is a perfect example of what bothers me about them. They aren’t “devastatingly hilarious”, they hit on a piece of the subject matter as if it describes the entire discipline. They serve as more anti-education messaging and in this political climate, it makes me uneasy.

  6. Heidegger says:

    Anna–love your name! Yes, I DO GET IT and yes, it IS devastatingly funny. And I’m only, “anti-education” when the people doing the educating are fervent, militant, left-wing ideologues which pretty much represents 95% of the social science faculty at American universities. Regarding the abortion debate and the usual qualifiers of being against abortion except in the case of rape, incest, and health of the mother–can we now add one more qualifier–in the case of positively identifying the liberal gene DRD4? (Can I nickname this gene, “dreadfour”?) Can you even begin to imagine the uproar of a woman wanting to abort a fetus because it possessed the “liberal” gene?! Would it really make less sense than wanting to abort a fetus because the woman decided that she didn’t really to have a baby, after all.

    Bob: “What did you study in college.”
    Tom: “Political Science”
    Bob: “Oh, basket weaving, ha ha ha.”
    Tom: “It’s not basket weaving; it’s law, fool!”

  7. Anna says:

    Heidegger –

    I’m only, “anti-education” when the people doing the educating are fervent, militant, left-wing ideologues which pretty much represents 95% of the social science faculty at American universities.

    No they aren’t. This is just some right wing talking point to make people fear the educated. If you believe this than you have not set foot on a college campus in some time. Pity, you could use a little intellectual exposure.

  8. James Hanley says:


    Leave the comedy to the professionals.

    The video is mildly amusing, as all such poking at pretensions are (although I’ve seen too many of their videos, and I can’t sit through the computerized voices anymore). But it could only be wildly amusing to someone who thinks he’s in the know, while actually being deeply ignorant of the subject.

  9. Heidegger says:


    To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, there is no, know, there…that’s the whole point of the video!

  10. James Hanley says:


    And since you’ve never actually studied any of it, you’d know that how?

    Arguments from ignorance don’t become more impressive just because they’re repeated frequently.

  11. Heidegger says:


    Hey, what do you mean, “And since you’ve never actually studied any of it, you’d know that how?” –I’ve read all your posts!–that should almost qualify me for a BA in the subject. By the way, I do appreciate your not going down the tiresome beaten path that most academics do in this field of study. Would you at least ,Professor, consider granting me an honorary degree in political science?

  12. Heidegger says:

    James, has your experience in the world of political science and social sciences in general been such that you would agree with this political breakdown among teachers, professors, associate professors, etc. Just curious.

    “At other schools we found these representations of registered faculty Democrats to Republicans:
    •Brown 30-1
    Bowdoin, Wellesley 23-1
    Swarthmore 21-1
    Amherst, Bates 18-1
    Columbia, Yale 14-1
    Pennsylvania, Tufts, UCLA and Berkeley 12-1
    Smith 11-1
    •Williams 51 Democrats, 0 Republicans
    Oberlin 19 Democrats, 0 Republicans
    MIT 17 Democrats, 0 Republicans
    Haverford 15 Democrats, 0 Republicans

  13. James Hanley says:

    Take it to the regular thread.

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