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In Which We Merge with the League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Jon Rowe, D.A. Ridgely, and I have accepted an invitation to merge with The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. I suppose that means we’ll all be part of The One Best League of Ordinary Gentlemen, but for simplicity, we’ll just keep … Continue reading

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Science, Not Woo Woo

I recently blogged about a theory of human psychology (I honestly don’t know what to call it) that I hope slowly unfolds on my blogs over the next few years. I hesitate to discuss this because, as far as I … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Dubai

Back home, after twenty hours of traveling. Modern jet travel or not, it’s still a big world.  Final thoughts from the trip. The hotel restaurant in Damascus offered a dish of “fried smashed meat.”  With marketing like that it’s no … Continue reading

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Greetings from Sharjah

Departed Syria yesterday, and am at the moment in the library of the American University in Sharjah, where, although it is a university built by a non-democratic Arab ruler, you can find Hannah Arendt on the shelves. I find myself … Continue reading

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I Get Hate Mail-Hate Comments

Not very often. In fact, almost never. (Scrupulously avoiding the ad hominem goes a long way here.) So when I see one, I pay attention. From the following post entitled, Three Misuses of the American Founding & Religion For Political … Continue reading

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Allan Bloom on Firing Line

I’ve waited a long time for this. The first 5 minutes is on YouTube. I’ll look and see if I can find the whole thing. You can buy the DVD of the program for $10 here.

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Comic Book Art is Real Art

That and some other things from the following that I recorded in 2007.

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Is it Just Me?

Or is my categorization correct in an objective sense? Most notable artists, even talented soul filled ones, wouldn’t dare try to do “Georgia” and still be taken seriously (that is, not thought of as a glorified Wedding Singer). Richard Manuel … Continue reading

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On John Boehner and Agenda-Setting

On my post about right-wingers, my brother commented on John Boehner’s “The President sets the agenda” nonsense.” I’d like to add a correction, clarification, and agreement. Boehner’s comment is not entirely nonsense. Woodrow Wilson’s famous doctoral dissertation (albeit famous only … Continue reading

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“…you better free your mind instead.”

Speaking as someone who knows his own Baby Boomer generation reasonably well, not only am I not particularly impressed with or fazed by the so-called revolutionary rhetoric of a handful of Tea Party participants or so-called Christian Nationalists, etc., the … Continue reading

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