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Howard Stern Illustrates A Reality in Which Most Folks are Not Aware

As I noted in my last post, we are going to look all over to place to understand what I want to convey. This relates to a rut many well intentioned otherwise good middle class parents fall into. There are … Continue reading

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A New Direction

I had an “a ha” moment today. I’m going to start blogging about a complex topic which I’ve only hinted at over the past six years. I don’t even know what to call it because I DO NOT want to … Continue reading

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One Instance Where I think the Religious Left is more Biblical

No it’s not on redistribution. Certainly, charity and voluntarily giving away wealth is a biblical concept. I’m not convinced government redistribution is. Yes, I understand modern capitalism arose out of “Christendom.” (Arguably a lot of a-biblical and anti-biblical things did … Continue reading

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In Which I Fail to Vote

Unlike most political scientists, I am not a fanatic about voting. I think the phrase “civic duty” is utterly hollow, a claim which once nearly earned me a punch in the nose from a fellow academic. But this year my … Continue reading

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Who Are the Righteous

This post does not intend to be another “David Barton sucks” post. Rather it seriously asks what some of his more vocal critics have not: Who are the “righteous”? In the most recent voter video Wallbuilders produces, Barton harps on … Continue reading

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On Political Science

Michael Heath asks my thoughts on this video mocking political science that Andrew Sullivan posted on his blog. Sullivan says; A lovely rip-off of the moronic quantification and irrelevance of what now passes for political science. It’s why I escaped … Continue reading

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Email To Dave Welch

Pastor, You write: “If we give any credence to the architects of the structure, it is clear that they believed both design and Designer of our constitutional republic were ‘self-evident.’ They believed that the bedrock upon which rested its posterity … Continue reading

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“Sorry, no drinking on this side of the street.”

“Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.” — old Texas saying There is no waiting period to buy a handgun in Texas. If your point-of-sale computer background check turns up clean, you can buy a .45 or a … Continue reading

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Email to J. Matt Barber

Barber is a culture warrior and evangelical associated with among other places Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. He wrote an article for WorldNetDaily entitled Time To Reunite Church And State. I wrote: Matt: I didn’t get thru your whole article (yet). … Continue reading

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Those are some big error bars

From CNN. Alaska’s untapped oil reserves estimate lowered 90 percent The U.S. Geological Survey says a revised estimate for the amount of conventional, undiscovered oil in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska is a fraction of a previous estimate. The … Continue reading

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