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All Three Branches Determine Constitutionality Of Legislation

I have to agree with Ramesh Ponnuru here. Congressmen take an OATH to uphold the Constitution. They exercise their power of “legislative review” by NOT WRITING OR VOTING FOR BILLS which they think violate the Constitution. If they don’t do … Continue reading

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Primaries Over Parties

Over at Dispatches a comment I made about the open primaries led to this question from Michael Heath. Are we seeing an effective mutation of the general [election] into a two-stage run-off? The background of the question is my claim … Continue reading

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Sandefur on The Right to Earn a Living

If you trace the lineage of this blog back to the early days of Positive Liberty, you will find (or would find if those archives were still online) that Timothy Sandefur was once one of Mr. Kuznicki’s co-bloggers. In the … Continue reading

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The Adolescent Nature of the Tea Party

I’ve been thinking this, but my brother said it first and better than I would have. Have you ever seen one of those adolescent males, maybe 20 years old, who loves The Matrix too much? He’s the guy who has … Continue reading

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Two More Losses for Bigotry

A couple weeks ago, I noted that gay rights are on something of a winning streak in the Courts. That winning streak continues with two recent court rulings, one striking down Florida’s ban on gay adoptions, and another one ordering … Continue reading

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Black Sabbath — Spiral Architect

An amazing song.

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Was John Jay a Christian Hypocrite?

John Jay, not a “key Founder” but a 2nd tier Founder, is generally conceded as an “orthodox Christian.” He certainly has a number of quotations that support the “Christian Nation” thesis. From most of what I’ve read, I’d say the … Continue reading

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Finally, A Sane Voice In The Halls of Congress

Stephen Colbert testifies before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, & International Law here. (Fast forward to 57:00)

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Would the Puritans Have Executed John Adams For His Religious Heresy?

I dunno. But they said they would. This article by Joseph Farah commits a common error among “Christian Americanists” confusing the “Founding” of America — the Declaration of Independence — with the “Planting” — the Mayflower Compact and establishment of … Continue reading

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George Washington & The French Revolution

[This was originally written in 2008.] Apparently, like most Americans of the Founding era, he vigorously supported it (though obviously not its excesses). France was a key ally of America’s in the Revolutionary War and their Revolution, at the time, … Continue reading

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