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Madison’s Notes Discuss Christianity v. Theistic Rationalism

[This was originally published in 2007.] Check out page 88 of this book collecting James Madison’s writings. These notes he took on Patrick Henry’s VA Bill which sought to provide financial aid to “teachers of the Christian Religion.” In the … Continue reading

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The Military’s DADT Survey

Perhaps everyone but me knew this, but the military is doing a survey of service-members about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and its (increasingly likely) repeal. The survey is coming in for some pretty sharp criticism. For all the … Continue reading

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Debunking “Beck U” — Faith 102 with “Professor” David Barton

By Chris Rodda. Here.

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2010 Election Predictions Update

Recently I took economist Russ Roberts to task for misunderstanding electoral politics, for his apparent prediction that Obama and the Democrats have already lost this fall’s, and apparently 2012’s elections One of the arguments I made in rebuttal was: You … Continue reading

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America’s Failing Education System

It’s not gentlemanly to say I told you so. But, I told you so. Plucker recently toured a number of such schools in Shanghai and Beijing… When faculty of a major Chinese university asked Plucker to identify trends in American … Continue reading

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Iranian Regulatory Fail

From Cameron Abadi at Foreign Policy Passport. One of the dubious accomplishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran is how much it’s succeeded at making criminality utterly banal. The government has made so many prosaic things illegal – from certain … Continue reading

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Obama’s Next Big Mistake

Back in 1994, my undergrad mentor commented to me that Bill Clinton was making a serious error in “nationalizing” the midterm elections. By “nationalizing,” he meant making them a referendum on himself. That was just one of many instances where … Continue reading

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The Use of Reason In America’s Founding Era Political Pulpits

[This was originally from the Summer of 2009.] I want to point out something else about the dialog that is occurring in the American creation comments section among me, Tom Van Dyke and Gregg Frazer. We are walking in the … Continue reading

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Ezra Stiles, American Jacobin

[This was originally published in 2008.] Something quite interesting I’ve learned researching the French Revolution is, like Vietnam and Iraq of the modern era, the event was quite popular in America in the beginning, but lost mass appeal only after … Continue reading

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Best Cop Ever

All cops should be this patient:

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