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On John Boehner and Agenda-Setting

On my post about right-wingers, my brother commented on John Boehner’s “The President sets the agenda” nonsense.” I’d like to add a correction, clarification, and agreement. Boehner’s comment is not entirely nonsense. Woodrow Wilson’s famous doctoral dissertation (albeit famous only … Continue reading

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“Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!”

As reported by Politico and The Street, Ron Paul is in line to head the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology on the House Financial Services Committee, the subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Mint and … Continue reading

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“I voted against anybody whose name I recognized.”

Per Tom Brokaw, the voter quote above wins my soundbite award for this election. As for the returns, several individual results were somewhat surprising, but as most pundits and polls predicted the Republicans recaptured control of the House but failed … Continue reading

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There are Credentials, and Then There are Credentials.

Today I went to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office (Michigan’s version of the DMV) to find out what I needed to do to get a Chauffeur’s License, so I could drive the YMCA’s mini-bus. It turns out I have … Continue reading

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My “Seething Hatred” for the Michigan Department of Education

My academic department is once again in the process of filling out matrices to satisfy the Michigan Department of Education. I did this several years ago and had to do it again last spring because MDoE changed them. The ones … Continue reading

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On Anthropogenic Global Warming

Occasionally a thread goes on long enough, and drifts far enough away from its main topic, that it makes sense to shift the evolved topic up to the top level. So let’s tackle the topic of global warming, to which … Continue reading

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Different ways of designing suburbs (images by photographerYann Arthus-Bertrand). First, the typical American suburb of maze-like curving streets, a design aesthetic I personally loathe. Second, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Singularity that Is L.A.

My colleague, D.A. Ridgely, recently wrote of L.A.; Los Angeles’ freeways immediately remind me that the only possible rational reason to live there is because one is a movie star. As I am not a movie star, I am always … Continue reading

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I Miss Harry Browne

In part, because he communicated like this…

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A Case Study in Political Compromise: The BWCWA

Politics has been called “the art of compromise,” a concept that seems to be rapidly disappearing from American political culture. Ideological extremists can’t maintain their purity if they compromise, and purity is more important than achievement to such small-minded folks. … Continue reading

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