Is it Just Me?

Or is my categorization correct in an objective sense?

Most notable artists, even talented soul filled ones, wouldn’t dare try to do “Georgia” and still be taken seriously (that is, not thought of as a glorified Wedding Singer).

Richard Manuel is the only person of which I am aware who not only could pull it off, but out soul Ray Charles. And he’s white. But then again Stevie Ray did this to Hendrix.

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7 Responses to Is it Just Me?

  1. D.A. Ridgely says:

    Yes, it’s just you. And never mind that “it’s all subjective” drivel I wrote in the thread below, you’re objectively wrong. (*grin*) Ray Charles owns that song. I’m sorry about Manuel offing himself and I like The Band, but no, not in the same ballpark. Hendrix wasn’t a purely blues musician, so I’ll let the comparison to the inferior guitar work of Vaughn slide. You want an example of a white musician who “out souls” black musicians who’ve performed the same number? (The dubious nature of the standard aside.) Janis doing Summertime:

    No, she’s not better than Billie Holiday or even Sarah Vaughn, but she’s sure as hell their equal.

    (And, no, despite what I just wrote above, it really is all just a matter of taste. *grin*)

  2. Jon Rowe says:

    Wasn’t Bonnie Raitt at one time married to Danny Noonan?

  3. Heidegger says:

    Jon–great book to recommend–Musicophilia. You’ll love it! Oliver Sachs, author.

  4. Heidegger says:

    Make that, Sacks.

  5. Heidegger says:

    I forgot to ask: Can God cry?

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