Shockingly Amusing…

Or Amusingly Shocking. That THIS PERSON is a pretty good Supreme Court oral arguer. I can’t say for sure whether I could do as well. I do know this: If you can handle yourself as competently as she did at a SCOTUS oral argument, you demonstrate a marketable ability that can make millions in private sector litigation. I doubt she’d get an offer from any firm that knows of her background. But if you were wondering why she hasn’t been fired from her state of Kansas prison lawyer job, it’s probably because she does a good job there and there would be First Amendment concerns in firing her.

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5 Responses to Shockingly Amusing…

  1. pinky says:

    I watched her on C-span yesterday.

    She seems very knowledgeable.

    She knows her stuff.

    The other guy showed himself up as a nincompoop.

  2. Alan Scott says:

    I’m pretty sure Fred Phelps is a lot less crazy than most of us suppose he is, and a lot more shrewd. Phelps got his start as a lawyer–and made a lot of money as a civil rights lawyer.

    I think the “God Hates Fags” business is as much about getting himself and his family into lucrative, easy to win lawsuits as it is about his religious beliefs.

  3. Kolohe says:

    Like Alan Scott said, I think a good part of the reason that the Phelps clan is the McDonalds/Walmart of asshatery is just because Fred, Margie et all are actually pretty good players in the legal game. I mean, any nutjob can stand in the streets with a provocative sign or literature, but unless he or she kills someone, they rarely get attention outside a narrow bubble of those that may pass them on the street on their daily business.

  4. Dr X says:

    Yes, her father was once a formidable civil rights attorney. So much talent and capability going to waste in support of hate. I’d love to know what really happened to Fred Phelps over the years. There are lifelong haters, raised in cultures of hate. These haters are often quite different from the paranoid haters who become hyper-religious, cultists during adulthood. When you see the latter in a setting where you can interview them at length, you can sometimes make sense of their deterioration. There is probably a fascinating but unknown personal drama behind Fred Phelps.

  5. fff says:

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