Black Sabbath — Spiral Architect

An amazing song.

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3 Responses to Black Sabbath — Spiral Architect

  1. pinky says:

    Sorcerers of madness
    Selling me their time
    Child of god sitting in the sun
    Giving peace of mind
    Fictional seduction
    On a black snow sky
    Sadness kills the superman
    Even fathers cry

    Of all the things I value most of all
    I look inside myself and see my world
    And know that it is good
    You know that I should

    Superstitious century
    Didn’t time go slow
    Separating sanity
    Watching children grow
    Synchronated undertaker
    Spiral skies
    Silver ships on plasmic oceans
    In disquise

  2. ppnl says:

    Do those words actually connect to each other in some way as to impart some kind of meaning?

  3. Jon Rowe says:

    You have to listen to the music while reading the lyrics for it to make sense. And perhaps inhale/ingest something too.

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