America’s Failing Education System

It’s not gentlemanly to say I told you so. But, I told you so.

Plucker recently toured a number of such schools in Shanghai and Beijing… When faculty of a major Chinese university asked Plucker to identify trends in American education, he described our focus on standardized curriculum, rote memorization, and nationalized testing. “After my answer was translated, they just started laughing out loud,” Plucker says. “They said, ‘You’re racing toward our old model. But we’re racing toward your model, as fast as we can.’ ”

And I, folks, am on the receiving end of the students we’re producing under the old Chinese model, as well as being under increasing pressure to implement it myself.

I have begun to think seriously about getting out of this game.


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J@m3z Aitch is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.
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2 Responses to America’s Failing Education System

  1. James,

    I have been through it. The sad thing is that the model lesson plan calls for critical thinking skills and requires students to take and defend positions. The testing does not measure that. I can, and have, raised test scores through the roof and had to violate good teaching practice to do so.

    90 percent of low test scores is the kids not trying because it does not effect them. At least in Florida they will not graduate if they do not pass the test.

    I have given up on the Public System and looks like I will be going to a Catholic School. No one can say I did not try.

  2. James K says:

    This is the problem with having centrally-controlled schools, especially if you create a monitoring an evaluation framework as half-assed as the one in NCLB.

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