After All, Stalin Was Heterosexual

Waking Up Now is one of the best pro-gay blogs around. Here’s Rob’s takedown of a video by Louis Marinella, who works for the National Organization for Marriage.

As Rob notes, NOM claims to hate it when we call people on their side bigots. But really they love it, because they can get lots of mileage out of the faux outrage. Still, Marinella might be among the most deserving of the epithet:

Thirty-eight years ago, at the height of the sexual revolution, a couple hundred gays (~ 0.003% of the country’s gays and lesbians) wrote something down. 83% of the invited groups declined. 17% showed up. And this — this – is evidence that today’s LGBTs want to eliminate age-of-consent laws. How can bigot Lou make this leap? I guess there’s only one answer. We all look alike to him.

The whole thing only makes sense if gays are completely interchangeable. It’s an assumption in so many of their attacks. I’m sick of being held personally responsible for everything any gay person has ever said or done. One of these days I’ll confront someone from NOM and blame them for Stalin’s gulags because, you know, Stalin was straight, just like NOMmers.

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One Response to After All, Stalin Was Heterosexual

  1. James K says:

    NOM? I was expecting it to be some kind of culinary advocacy group.

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