A Movable Community

Rob Tisinai writes about that silly, frivolous gay community, raising money to fight HIV/AIDS — by biking 600 miles in 7 days:

Right when you think you can’t make it to the top of a hill, there’s a drag queen cheering you on. Or a girl with a boombox, dressed up in 49ers football gear, dancing to “Single Ladies.” Or a man dressed up as 7-foot tall condom urging you to ride safe. And the themes! Rest stop crews dressed up as white trash, or construction workers, or The Price is Right spokesmodels, or bees. Singing, dancing, improvised theater. Coming into camp and having a stranger help you set up your tent. Pulling over to help someone you’ve never met change a flat tire. Giving away a spare inner tube for free, knowing you can count on someone to do the same for you.

Our opponents like to condemn us as silly, frivolous, party people. Their only mistake is the condemnation. The LifeCycle is a community — a community — of people doing silly, frivolous things while accomplishing a deadly serious mission, while riding 80 miles a day, while dismantling, moving, and re-erecting a 2000 person city every 24 hours, and while raising $10 million for AIDS treatment, prevention, and awareness. I love that gay mindset. I don’t want us to be just like straight people. And I sure as hell don’t want us to be like the grim, joyless leaders of our opposition.

One quibble: I’m sure plenty of the people around him were straight. They just didn’t flaunt it.

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