Jason Kuznicki in the Washington Examiner

My ex-coblogger at now defunct Positive Liberty, but soon to be co-blogger at The One Best Way.

A taste:

I don’t mean to put down moms or dads. It’s great that people of both sexes usually take childrearing seriously. They should. The traditional family is great. It’s a slur to say that gays and lesbians hate the traditional family. Most of us grew up in traditional families, after all, and we still love our parents and siblings, and they usually love us. What we don’t love, though, is the way that the traditional family is used as a weapon to attack our own, less-traditional families.

All of this brings up a strange inconsistency to the opponents of same-sex marriage. Their ends — every child gets a mom and a dad — are strangely mismatched to their means — prohibit same-sex marriage. It’s sort of like banning bad moustaches to stop pornography. Perhaps there’s some vague association, but that’s about it.

Andrew Sullivan also noticed

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