Re-Booting Positive Liberty

Our old friend Positive Liberty died recently.  Unfortunately the software doctors could never diagnose her (his?) ailments,  and in the end were unable to save the patient.  In other words, nobody could figure out why in the world we kept losing access to it, so we decided the best solution was just to start over.

So this is our new blog, with the same old voices you (we hope) loved so much in the past.  As we re-boot, we’ll be re-posting some of our favorites from Positive Liberty, and of course putting up new posts commenting on all variety of issues from a libertarian perspective.

If you have been one of our friends over the years, whether you commented regularly or not, and would like to make a guest post, please contact me at


About J@m3z Aitch

J@m3z Aitch is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.
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3 Responses to Re-Booting Positive Liberty

  1. g2-f1548cc96bb98f8c6f9a713ebab176f7 says:


  2. Welcome back gentlemen.

  3. lukas says:

    Welcome back lads!

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